Valeo Windshield Wipers Awarded First Place in Auto Plus Comparison Test

30/10/2023 - 11:14 | Industry News | IAB Team

Valeo’s range of windshield wipers has won yet another award. After numerous awards for Valeo Canopy and Valeo Everguard, it is now the turn of Valeo Infinium to be rewarded by taking the first place in the comparative test of 12 pairs of windshield wipers organised by Auto Plus and based on an average of three criteria (price, fitting and efficiency).

The choice of windshield wipers is an essential safety feature for any vehicle. They help to improve visibility by removing rain, snow and dust. Valeo contributes to the safety of road users by offering significant improvements in terms of visibility and life span.

Thanks to Valeo’s specially developed wiping technologies, Valeo Infinium achieves an excellent level of wiping quality and offers one of the best Valeo performances over time.

These performances were praised by Auto Plus, which placed Valeo Infinium number one following a comparison of 12 pairs of wipers. Valeo Infinium is recognised not only for its wiping quality but also for its ease of fitting and value for money, and scores 20/20 for efficiency.

With this award, Valeo Infinium joins Valeo Canopy and Valeo Everguard, windshield wipers that have won awards for innovation in sustainable development and safety.

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