Ultimate in Virtual Reality! A $15,000 Gran Turismo dock

06/09/2008 - 16:43 | ,  ,  

We're not sure where every dollar went in this $15,000 Gran Turismo Prologue Pod, but we can appreciate the integrated PS3, 40" screen, surround sound, racing seat, Logitech G25 wheel (which includes those fancy pedals) and stylish Plexiglas window.Hey, but still its cheaper than any Porsche, Lambo or Ferrari. Whats more, you can pick the car of your choice and change it every few laps!

And, also the gaming world hailing GT5 as the closest one can get to driving a car, what better time to buy one? It's just a shame that the full version of Gran Turismo 5 isn't actually out yet, making this ubercabinet the world's most advanced demo kiosk. Still, here's another shot from the tech-fantastical cockpit:


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