Shelby Slotted Racers

17/10/2008 - 17:02 | ,  ,  ,   | Harish Kumar

Shelby Slot Car Race Track

This is not small piece of kit. Its 63 feet long! Ah, slot cars, the ONLY way to enjoy drinking and driving … and check out this track.

This could be the ultimate game of your life but since they are slotted cars, the sheer thrill of driving a real RC car is lost, but who cares when drunken driving is still allowed? And this track, the Shelby Slot Car Race Track, could be yours for a mere $250.

OK, I’d bet, with a budget of $250, you could buy a ton of track from eBay, a bunch of cars, controllers and all that, but this is just that extra bit long and thrilling.


Source : Automoblog

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