Review - Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen

29/08/2009 - 16:13 | Specials | Shrawan Raja

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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen review

What I felt as I came out of the room -

I went to the theater today to watch Transformers 2, and it was not fully worth the money. Apart from the two GM concept cars fighting each other out and not amusing anyone, I found the second half of the movie extremely lengthy, boring and sleep inducing. The film just kept rolling endlessly, unaware the characters had lost their charm and grip a long while back.

The best part of the movie -

The first half of this sequel was pretty neat. There was a small portion of comedy and the expectations were built up right from the first few minutes when there is massive fire, explosions and a ruthless invasion by the Decepticons in China. I loved the graphics and effects, which is why you should watch it too. The way in which these lovely cars transform into robots sent adrenaline rushing through my veins. The movie's glamor quotient is roof-scrapping, thanks to Megan Fox' glossy lipstick and skimpy clothes.

The last part -

The last part of the movie has been shot in and around the pyramids of Giza, where I spent vacationing in 2004. As I left the theater, a few of those memories crossed my mind, taking my judging off the extra-long climax.

This movie is no where comparable to the first part. I think the climax was its biggest feature. The whole movie was like an aeroplane taking off - it built up steam and by the time it hit the end of the runway, it took off and blasts into the sky. The one today continued to speed along the runway and managed to clear out adjacent land for airport extension.

Why the first movie remains the best -

Part of the reason as to why this one didn't make it into everyone' hearts was because there was a truck load of anticipation of how the world would react to an autobot invasion in the first movie. Only Sam, Mikeala and you know there is an invasion which added extra spice to the story. In this one though you don't have that sensation.

Why should you watch this movie -

If you're an autobot lover and love watching 3D Animation and graphics, then you should find a theater which is screening this movie at present.

Why was there injustice in this movie -

The Chevrolet Beat (Skids in the movie) should have been given a more meatier character with some unique abilities. Though not the core of the story, the new autobots have been distanced from the limelight they deserved, making them as influential in the storyline as the audience seated around me.

Additional reason to watch this movie -

Of course they've thrown in Megan Fox (who does a lot of bending, flexing and running) in there too, if that's what sails your boat.

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