Toyota exhibits a very sporty Etios variant at Brazilian launch

16/08/2012 - 10:35 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

At the launch and promotional tour of the Toyota Etios in Brazil, the company showcased variants of the car in different colors and trims.

Toyota Etios body kit sporty model BrazilToyota Etios sporty model Etios Connection Brazil

Seeing some of the photographs, we are able to verify that the color palette of Brazil and India don't exactly match, as Brazil gets colors that India feels awkward to drive in.

If you are in the dark about the Brazilian market, let us explain to you that the Etios has plenty of competition to firefight. The Fiat Palio and Siena, VW Gol and Voyage, Renault Sandero and Logan are some of its chief rivals. The competition is fresh, either from a facelift or a generation change.

However, the Etios exhibit, that tours as part of the promotional event named "Etios Connection," that attracts a second glance, is a variant adorned with a body kit. Toyota Brazil does not plan to manufacture this car. The car is in attendance to announce that the Etios can take on a racy avatar as well.

We spoke to Brazilian auto expert Eber Carmo, who runs, to get a better perspective on this vehicle -

Toyota brought this particular sport variant of the Etios to the event to give the visitors the impression that it can be sporty, can be good looking, and something beyond the Renault Logan. Many people here in Brazil are saying that Toyota took very long to release a competitor which looks like an expensive Logan.

We know that this is not exactly true, but in a market where looks are so important, Toyota will have a hard time selling the Etios. It might sell well because of Toyota's reputation for quality and reliability, but those who look for a good looking car will shop elsewhere.

Guess this is the static display counterpart of the EMR track car? What are your thoughts on the sporty Etios?

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