Day 2 - Toyota Corolla Altis Interiors

22/12/2011 - 08:56 | ,  ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

The exterior design was plain and simple. But what about the interiors? Being the best selling nameplate, the Corolla definitely has to please owners. After all,  most of your time will be spent inside the car. So has the facelift revitalized interiors? Let’s find out:

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis interiorsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis interiors

As long as you have the keyfob in your possession, there's no need to press buttons. Just walk up to Altis and pull the handle, the car automatically unlocks. A mere glance at the interiors and you recognize that it is a mixture of black and silver with cool blue lighting (a la Chey Cruze). Sticking to the KISS philosophy, the interior is simple and conservative.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis interiorsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis steering wheel

Sticking to the old school interior design, the Corolla Altis’s interiors is a mixture of multiple colors such as chrome, beige, brown and black. The steering wheel is constructed with three types of materials. I am not really a big fan of multiple materials here as it fails to provide uniform grip.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis steering mounted controlsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis washer stalkFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis indicator stalkFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis cruise control

Steering mounted controls are a blessing and another button on the right helps you manage the trip computer. Indicator stalks are to the right and washers to the left, and a third stalk for the cruise control.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis dialsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis dialsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis electrically adjusted mirror controlsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis puddle lamps

The dial cluster is simple and elegant in white. The mirror adjustment settings are to your right with a button to activate the headlamp washers. A small puddle lamp make sure you don't step into something unwanted at night.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis start stop buttonFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis media center

Modernity has caught up with the Altis in form of a start-stop button and a 6.1 inch TFT touch screen display for your media needs. The system is very easy to operate and features AUX, USB and phone connectivity.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis aircon controlsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis small storage

Below the media center are aircon settings for temperature. Below it is a small nifty compartment for the cigarette lighter and some pocket change.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis interiorsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis gear knobFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis front cupholders

Considering we have the petrol automatic variant for the review, the auto box takes center stage. Right next to the handbrake is a set of cupholders that doubles as storage pocket for the keyfob.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis armrestFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis electrically adjustable driver seats

An adjustable armrest separates the driver and the passenger which also doubles up as another small storage bin. The driver seat is electrically adjustable in eight settings.

And speaking of the seats, the Corolla Altis now features perforated leather which means that the seats feature tiny holes in the leather making the material breathable. This does not heat the seat up during long journeys.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis gloveboxFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis sun visorsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis pedals

A twin glovebox compartment is sufficient for all storage needs. The roof features a cluster of lamps and a small space to place your shades. A dead pedal is always welcomed.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis rear seatsFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis head rest

Shifting to the rear, you find one of the most comfortable seats coupled with excellent leg space. The seats cuddle you into luxury and are really perfect for long drives. The Corolla Altis scores top marks in the rear-seat comfort department. As the transmission tunnel is very low, three people can sit with reasonable comfort.

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis cup holdersFacelifted Toyota Corolla Altis rear ashtray

But if you do decide to seat two people, a center armrest with two cup holders should come in handy. There is also a small ashtray for a some peaceful ‘sutta time’

Facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis bootspace

The boot is pretty average with 475L of boot space. For some reason, our test car came with two spare alloy wheels.

Things that I don’t like about the interiors:

  • My BIGGEST grouse is no rear AC vents. These days, sedans of lower segments come with that feature!
  • There is no sunroof. Not even as an optional extra.
  • No GPS despite the touch screen.
  • (I don't know whether this classifies in interior)  Keyfob is just plain cheap.
  • Although the build quality is superb, there is no zing. Despite of spending more than 10 lakhs, it doesn’t make you feel special.
  • There is no single theme to the interiors. It just comes across a cluster of too many materials with different illuminations.


Overall, Toyota - a byword for quality, really shines in the Corolla. Perfect panel fittings, no squeaks, no rattles even at speeds excess of 180 km/hr. The car is excellently insulated from outside noises.

To sum up it is a no-nonsense interior in a no-nonsense car.

Tune in tomorrow for the driving impressions as a lot of has changed mechanically.

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