Toyota Camry Split Into Two On Autobahn Shows Danger of Overspeeding

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The Toyota Camry has been among the better-known executive sedans on sale in the Indian market. In fact, the Camry has been a huge success in many parts of the world. Apart from its ingenious hybrid technology, the Toyota Camry also boasts 5-star safety rating from ASEAN NCAP. That said, here we have a shocking report of a Toyota Camry that was split in two after a high-speed collision. This accident happened in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately exemplifying the dangers and perils of high speed and rash driving.

As you can see in the video, the car has completely disintegrated after the crash and is even barely recognizable. However, a look at whatever is left suggests that this a 2107 model of the Toyota Camry. Although the exact details of the accident are not known, it must have had a very hard impact on its sides, which has completely split the car in two.

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This accident must have been at a really high speed, at which stage NCAP ratings do not hold much relevance. Even Global NCAP conducts its crash tests at speeds of 64kph, replicating average city speed limits. However, with such crashes at much higher speeds, one is really treading into unknown territory. At this point, onboard safety features won't be the most effective in preventing fatalities. This also goes on to stress the need for driving safely and more importantly, driving within speed limits.

2021 Toyota Camry Front Left
Toyota facelifted the current-gen Camry late last year in international markets.

In other news. Toyota gave the current-gen Camry a mid-life facelift in international markets late last year. The 2021 Toyota Camry facelift comes with reworked front and rear bumpers for a refreshed look. Toyota has also slightly tweaked the large and gorgeous LED taillamps in the new car. The interior of the facelifted Camry replaces the old 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a larger and new floating 9-inch unit. Toyota claims that the new system is much more responsive, thanks to the updated software.

Bs6 Toyota Camry 1024x678
The pre-facelift Toyota Camry continues to be on sale in India for a price of  40.59 lakh (ex-showroom).

Under the hood of the 2021 Toyota Camry facelift retains the same hybrid powertrain - a 2.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine coupled to an electric motor. The total power output is 218 bhp and the torque figure is 221 Nm. The transmission used is a CVT unit. Regarding the availability of the 2021 Toyota Camry facelift in India, the company has not released any information yet. Toyota currently retails the pre-facelift Camry in India for a price of INR 40.59 lakh (ex-showroom).

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