Top Gear Christmas Special to be filmed in India in Oct; Will the Stig try outpacing Rajnikanth?

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Top Gear, BBC's controversial auto show known more for its comedy than consumer advice is all set to set foot in India in the first week of October to film their Christmas special. As excited as we are, what can we expect from the man who once called Indian roads as a "warzone" , Jeremy Clarkson?

Top Gear has been known for doing extra-ordinary, unusual and absurd things right from lighting up a car on fire cause they think its ugly, to blowing up a car just to see how much it withstands the impact. Maybe this time in India, they can do a performance test of the Nano with the Stig driving it down the hill? why not? Or maybe put Stig to the Ultimate test by making him race against Rajnikanth?

Top Gear Christmas Special India

Considering how the men of Top Gear have angered various nations like Malaysia when Clarkson said that the Perodua Kelisa was built by men in jungles wearing leaves for shoes or when Richard Hammond used the words "lazy, feckless and flatulent" to describe Mexicans, we sure hope there is nothing bitter when they leave India. But knowing Clarkson well, there's a good chance something he says will not go down well with India.

Hopes are high as the three stooges are getting ready to set foot in Indian soil for their Christmas special. This will be Clarkson's first visit to India after he filmed for his MotorWorld program showing Indian roads as ones infested with cows.

Top Gear as expected has no kindness,  soft corner or understanding for Indian products. They termed Indica (CityRover) as the worst car tested on the show and compared the Nano's front-end to cartoon character Pokemon. During the same part of the show Clarkson remarked that the base Nano variant (costing less than 2,000 UK pounds) would have a mule (pulling) in front.

I hope Jeremy and his team understand why we designed cars like the Nano after he spends a morning trying to battle arrogant auto rickshaws, criss-crossing two wheelers, trucks on high beam racing towards you at night, relaxing animals on the expressway, wallet-busting petrol prices and the lack of basic infrastructure or parking spaces as he constantly battles for his bit of space on the Indian "warzone."

This will be one episode you would not want to miss!

[Source - WitneyTV]

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