Gadget- $8 tire pressure indicator cap

16/04/2009 - 19:52 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

In a state of confusion, most of us neglect to check and drive for miles with less pressure in our car's tires. When is it best to check and correct tire pressures? Once a week? Once a fortnight? Once everyday?

Here's the cheapest way to know the answer.

For a nothing-sum of $8, you could get a tire pressure indicator cap which fits into the tire valve which displays the existing air pressure in the tire. If you notice the readings are lower than the manufacturer's prescribed values, you head to the petrol station and fill them up. Easy.

This is a novel idea. I think this is a compulsory device every motorist should procure and install.

If you are driving with under-inflated tires, chances are you might meet with an accident. Under-inflation wastes fuel because of increased rolling resistance, put a strain on your car's suspension and hamper tire life and performance.

Imagine how much service and running costs you could save on? Go to Harriet Carter to basket one.

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