The search for the future of Personal mobility ends here. Its from India !!!

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I know what you are thinking. The answer is NO. These are not the renderings of the next generation character from Alien and Predator movie or any high tech spacecraft. What it is though is the next generation of personal mobility. Read on to find out more.

This is one of the best concept designs that I have recently come across and that is simple because it does not claim to either fly in the sky or do something extraordinary. We live in a real world with real people who face constant ‘real’ problems and Argus aims at exactly solving those problems instead of making up fancy designs which are never going to materialize in to anything substantial or even meaningful. ‘Saathi’ in Hindi is buddy and this simple yet very useful vehicle is an absolute friend that aids you whenever you need a helping hand in stuff beyond transportation.

The design is of a very simple vehicle that is nothing beyond a very finely crafted chair on wheels. Yet it serves the purpose of transportation for short commuting without the fuss of a car or a bike. Electric motor charged by biofuel, is used to power it making it green and planet friendly too. The detachable power unit can be used to power your homes when you are not actually using it to charge up your wheels.

The charger makes way for any luggage that you need to carry while you are on the move and while ‘Saathi’ may not be of great use to travel long distances or to lay back in luxury it serves its basic purpose with simplicity and precision using a gyroscope. This is one of the finest designs just because designer Sandeep Bhambra has learned to keep his feet on the ground and has understood the problems of the developing world. In fact, this is a great commuting concept for all. Well done Sandeep on a fine concept that will hopefully see daylight!

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