Test Drive - Toyota Innova VX - Day 2 - Cabin and Comfort

27/07/2009 - 19:59 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 64

In the Xylo, we had to climb into the car using the foot board, but on the Innova, it is like any entering a sedan. The third row seats are easier to access but not as comfortable as the Xylo.

The Innova's climate control has four vents on the dashboard and two vents on the roof for the middle row and two more for the last row. The triangular vents have their corners rounded, which are done for no apparent reason.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 27

The climate control has a digital display reading out the details on temperature, mode, exhaust and fan speed with a green back light when the lights are on in the evening. The A.C works flawlessly and the blower noise is not heard until set on the highest speed.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 24

Controls for the A.C are easy to use with the buttons well laid out. The four speed blower on the roof for the centre and the last row have a master control just next to the centre roof lamp.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Space  - 17

Cooling from these vents are not as fast as the dash vents but never the less help in maintaining the temperature balance inside the large cabin.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 49

The front seats are generous, no lumber support settings, but a rotary knob is available for the adjustment for seat height.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 2

It was very hard using the control and we would prefer the more easy to use pump type seat adjuster found on the other vehicles.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 12

The middle row seats are soft, wide and generous, tend to be very supportive. They can take three passengers easily, aided by the flatter transmission tunnel The huge headrests are angled perfectly. Front seats can be joined to the second row seat base if you wish to have a overnight stay in here. The centre row seats have an adjustment for sliding front or back as per the leg room needed.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 10

They fold down 60:40 to allow access to the third row. One has to fold the 40 part of the seat to access the 3rd row, which is easier to fold.

What is missing here is the centre armrest even on the third row seats.

The middle row seats offer ample support on the base as well as the back and have settings for tilting the back to the desired angle.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 4

Quality of the plastics used is nothing to write about, we feel it should be better at least on the top-end version. The doors have a very small portion covered by cloth and the woes continue with the small hand rest which also serves as the handle.

Toyota Innova VX Cabin Comfort - 18

Overall fit and finish is top notch just as in all Toyotas; just that the plastic quality which is a let down here. The carpet is thick and helps in insulating engine noise and vibration as well as the road noise from entering the cabin.

Yet another thing that we would have liked in here is a third headrest for the middle row seats.

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