Tata Vista 90hp S Power - Another member of the never-ending Indica family?

08/10/2012 - 09:00 | ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

Have you tried walking into a Tata Motors showroom to buy an Indica?

Tata Vista S-PowerTata Vista 90hp S Power

You will be bamboozled with the number of Indicas that you can buy from under one roof. Here are some on the top of my mind -

If we dwell on the Indica platform products and their variants, our monthly website bandwidth would be eaten up in one post. Tata Motors have done so much with the Indica platform that it could win the Guinness world record for the most work done to an automobile nameplate since the Ford Model T!

Now our friends at MotorBash have spotted something called as Vista 90hp ‘S Power’ near Pune. While it is easy to dismiss the ‘S Power’ badge as an owner accessory, the presence of ‘Tata Motors – CVBU’ sticker (CVBU stands for Commercial Vehicles Business Unit) on the rear windscreen means that this test mule belongs to Tata Motors.

So what could the S-Power be? We know that it cannot be a branding exercise for the Vista Quadrajet 90 hp because those mules are wearing a ‘Quadrajet90’ badge on the side and on the rear.

Motorbash boys are predicting that the ‘S Power’ is a production version of the ‘Concept S2’ presented at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo. The Concept S2 was powered by a turbocharged 1.4L petrol engine producing 140PS/188Nm paired to the same 5-speed manual transmission with revised ratios powers the vehicle. It was equipped with 205/40 R17 low profile tires shod on 17 inch alloys.

While the test mule caught over here features no such garnish, Tata Motors did promise a production version of the S2 in the near future.

With petrol cost escalating upwards, a 140 bhp turbocharged petrol might be an exquisite taste limited to only a few petrolheads. Of course, this could also be just another special edition Vista 90hp with some aftermarket accessories available as standard.

Another possibility could be a powerful variant for developed markets. Vista enjoys decent level of popularity in some European markets. It was recently nominated for the prestigious European Car of the Year. Ford India already has this practice of exporting more powerful variants of Figo to the Middle East. Perhaps Tata Motors too want to give it a go?

[Source: motorbash.com]

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