Live images: Tata Safari Storme GS & Tata Safari Armoured at 2012 Defense Expo

01/04/2012 - 14:05 | ,  ,   | Gaurav Malik was at the Defense-Expo today at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. We were quite surprised to see what our homegrown Automakers have to offer to our armed forces. So we decided to bring you some exclusive coverage on the armored products of Tata Motors.

Tata Safari Storme GS800

Tata Motors showcased two products namely the Safari Storme GS (General Service) 4x4 and the Safari Storme Armoured.

Tata Safari Storme GS800

Tata Safari Storme GS800 rear three quarters

The Safari Storme GS is a vehicle aimed at replacing the Maruti Gypsy. The Safari Storme GS has a reinforced chassis, a jerry can fitted over the fuel tank lid and a full time four-wheel-drive. The gross vehicle weight has increased to 3000 Kg as compared to the 2780 Kg weight of the outgoing model. The interiors have dual-tone i.e. dark grey upholstery with beige inserts. It can carry 7 people in comfort and has a payload capacity of 825 Kg. This car will only be available to the Defense Forces.

Tata Safari GS800 Image Gallery

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Tata Safari Storme Armoured

Tata Safari Storme Armoured

The Safari Storme Armoured is discreetly armored so you actually won’t spot any difference if compared to the normal Safari Storme. The difference is noticed once you open the door because it’s really heavy and as you sit in, the suspension doesn’t move a millimeter, because its already holding so much weight that a person’s weight wont affect it.

The interiors get an all-new black and sporty orange interiors with “Safari” engraved on the headrests. The driver gets bucket seats with special covers. The armoring is of level-3 which can withstand an attack from AK-47(s) from a distance of 10 meter and at 90-degree angle of attack. Even the underbelly is secured with high-grade Kevlar and steel reinforcements that can withstand  the impact of 2 HE – 36 Hand Grenades.

The car weighs about a ton more than the outgoing model. This car will be available even to private owners who want VVIP protection and it will also be included in the SPG (Special Protection Group) fleet. The car will be launched around Oct-Nov 2012 and will be priced around 45-55 lakhs, which will depend on the level of protection one demands.

Both the cars have an identical 2.2L DICOR engine with exactly same output. This is shocking because there is so much extra weight added to the chassis. Let’s just say these Safaris won’t be seen dune bashing if their advertisements ever arrive.

According to an official who drove the Safari Storme Armoured recently, the car feels very stable even at triple digits speed and brakes are very confidence inspiring. They told us that right form the chassis, engine, door hinges, brakes to the suspension have been reinforced to withstand the weight of the car. The tires are run-flats, which can cover about 50 km after being hit.

Tata Safari Storme Armoured Image Gallery

can't see the slideshow above? Head over to the Tata Safari Armoured Flickr page.

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