World Exclusive- Tata Nano Technical Specifications, Test Drive Impressions

02/03/2009 - 14:30 | Tata Motors,   | Shrawan Raja

Here at Indian Autos Blog, we don't get to do many International exclusives. But when we do, it doesn't get any bigger. We have been tracking the Tata Nano unlike anyone else on the Blogosphere. We have brought you not one, but two sets of exclusive images and to top it up, here is a test drive report and technical specifications of the most anticipated car in the history of the Indian Auto Industry.

IAB's associates drove the Tata Nano recently, and this is what they had to say

1) None of the Tata Nano's variants will include power steering- As this is a rear-engine car, and the engine produces barely enough to drive the wheels, Tata engineers felt it would needlessly add complications and load on the engine.

2) In addition as the load on the front axle was significantly reduced due to the nonexistence of the engine or the gearbox, steering the car was simple and our driver did not feel the absence of the power steering.

3) A total of 3 variants will be offered. The basic variant will have the nothing more than the basic of equipment. The steering will be 2-spoke and items like the brake booster will be absent.

3) The mid and top variants will be armed with Air-conditioning. The top-end variant will have body-color bumpers and alloy wheels.

4) A pleasant surprise is the availability of access to the engine via the tailgate- The lower part of the tailgate is removable, and it will detach from the monocoque, allowing access.

5) Approach to the engine is also possible from inside the cabin, by lifting up the rear seats, which is needed only when carrying out engine and gearbox overhauls.

6) The driver's seat is adjustable thankfully! The driver's seat is adjustable for reach. The co-driver's seat however, is fixed.

7) Tata's engineers redesigned parts of the exhaust system following a lot of testers experiencing discomfort at the rear seat. The altered exhaust system is tuned for lesser sound and vibration.

8) With 5 people, the Nano could reach a maximum speed of 105 kmph, after which the limiter kicks in and stops you from going faster. The Nano, even when it was driven through torment, returned a gas mileage of 27 kmpl!

9) The Tata Nano is furnished with BS 2 and BS 3 compliant engines. The former is for sale in rural areas of India.

10) The Tata Nano offers ample head and leg space even for a six footer in the front seat. At the rear, seat inclination of the test car was giving back aches to our testers. Tata engineers expressed it would be rectified during mass-production.

11) Maximizing functionality was the central idea of the Nano. The same can be seen in the front windshied wiper, which is designed to do the job of two blades, and incorporates the nozzle along with the wiper blades.

11) The International version, which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, was also reportedly doing test runs when our testers were driving the Indian variants. It is said to have airbags, ABS, immobilizer, better interiors and seats, and get this- a bigger engine!

Tata Nano Technical Specification-

Engine and Transmisson- Cradle and Sub assembly, 32 bit MPFI with five sensors, SOHC, water cooled type.

Bore x stroke- 73.5 X 73.5 mm

Torque- 48 Nm @ 2500 rpm

Power- 33 hp @ 5250 rpm

Compression Ratio- 9.5:1

Clutch- Single plate diaphram type, diameter= 100mm

Gearbox- 4 forward and 1 reverse

Fuel Tank Capacity- 15 liters


Front- Independent Gas filled struts

Rear- Coil Springs

Brakes- All-round Drum brakes

More details are likely to reach so, so stay tuned to Indian Autos Blog

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