Tata Motors to embark on Eco car project in Thailand

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This car will will meet all emission and safety requirements

Tata Motors is in the final stages of making yet another big investment on a new and welcomed innovation- A eco car for the citizens of Thailand

The BOI (Board of Investments) of Thailand had looked into the project and given them the green signal back in April this year. As per the agreement, the vehicle will meet all the stringent emission and safety requirements, including the Euro 4 emission norms and crash requirements. Apart from this, Tata Motors will design this vehicle with the local population in mind and expect the trademarks such as sturdy build, spacious interiors and comfortable seating to be present in this vehicle also.

The company is finding a suitable location to station its manufacturing facility, and reports claim that the company has met with several interested parties.

IAB Comment- The expression 'eco' implies it could be a low-cost hybrid vehicle, or maybe a platform would be developed which could spawn a variety of commercial and passenger vehicles, just like how the Indica platform was used extensively to make the Indigo, Indigo Marina, Indigo XL and the Indigo CS.When the Nano was launched in Delhi, the head of the project stated that the Nano's platfrom itself could be used to develop many other vehicles and maybe that's what is going to happen in Thailand?

Source- Car Online

Image Source- Paul Tan

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