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And the World Car of the Year Award goes to VW UP!

Volkswagen’s smallest car ever has definitely won the hearts of all people across the globe. But now it has finally made it large.The VW UP! has nabbed the World Car of the Year at the ongoing New York Expo. It managed to beat 34 models for the

Volkswagen plans 100 manufacturing facilities by 2018

Ze Germans always think BIG. Small is a work of evil for them. Volkswagen, being a German, also has plans on a similar scale. We have discussed so many times VW’s plans to dominate the world automotive market 2018. Not only do they want to dominate

Volkswagen snatches the #2 position from Toyota

VW plans to dominate the world by 2018 are surely on track with the company claiming to be the number 2 manufacturer of the world. According to Car Advice, VW sold 8.16 million units in 2011 whereas Toyota sold 7.9 million thus making VW the second biggest

VW plans to launch Pre Owned Car business in India

The used car business is big money for most Indian manufacturers. Right from Maruti Suzuki to BMW, they all have their dedicated outlets offering the customers peace of mind with their tested, warranty-attached pre-owned cars. Now, VW wants a share of

What to expect at Delhi Auto Expo – Volkswagen

The German czar, known for its clever marketing tactics, will showcase a series of new cars at the Auto Expo starting with the 2012 Beetle. In order to attract the fairer sex to their booth, VW plans to launch the 2012 Beetle in Delhi. The 2012 model

New parts sharing strategy saves VW billions of dollars

The German giant Volkswagen owns a lot of companies such as Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley and so on. Owning multiple brands means that your research cost on new products would be astronomically high. Thus, to keep cost low, multiple

Volkswagen-Suzuki partnership not over yet

Since the VW- Suzuki partnership has been on the rocks for quite sometime, there were rumors about the possible break up between VW and Suzuki. However Reuters has confirmed that the partnership is still going strong and there are no plans of parting