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McLaren P1 first and last units

The final McLaren P1 has been produced – IAB Report

The P1 GTR is the only model now in the Ultimate Series. The successor to the legendary McLaren F1, the McLaren P1, has also been consigned to the history books. The 375th and last unit of the P1 has rolled-off the production line, leaving the manic track-only

McLaren P1 GTR front view at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

McLaren P1 GTR – 2015 Geneva Live

Track-only McLaren P1 GTR will produce 1,000 PS of power. Accompanying the McLaren 675LT is the all new, track-only version of the limited edition McLaren P1 hypercar – the P1 GTR. With the Ferrari FXX-K in its crosshairs, the P1 GTR  is tuned

Only 375 units of McLaren P1 will be built

Exclusivity is one of the biggest luring factors when it comes to the hypercars. It would feel divine to be one among the 375 people in the world to own the McLaren P1, wouldn't it?

McLaren P1 to be Sold Out soon?

The McLaren P1 is the answer to the Ferrari F70/F150. And the Porsche 918. All these three cars have a lot in common: They're assisted with electric energy for one. The McLaren and the Ferrari use the F1 Hyper KERS system. They will all be very expensive