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Renault-Nissan not happy with the Bajaj RE60

Back in 2009, Renault-Nissan entered into a partnership with Bajaj to bring out a Tata Nano rival. The idea was that Bajaj would develop a low cost car and Renault Nissan would sell it under their umbrella. Many speculations and rumors later, it seems

Spied – Is this the Bajaj ULC a.k.a RE60?

Come Jan 3rd 2012, Bajaj would be hoping to recreate the magic Tata Motors created at the launch of the Nano a few years back. For the first time in 8 decades, Bajaj will present a car for the Indian masses. Very popular for its two wheelers, three wheelers

Bajaj ULC – 800cc, 30kpl?

A report on India Today has provided some important details on production version of the Bajaj Lite/ULC, a passenger vehicle that will be unveiled before the Auto Expo. In media interviews, Bajaj officials have stated that their vehicle is not a car though

Bajaj load carrier on ULC platform comes next year

Bajaj will bring out a load carrier on the ULC platform next year, Financial Chronicle has reported. Quoting the chairman of Bajaj Auto Limited, it adds Bajaj will sell the load carrier variant while Renault's car will be off the same platform. IAB is

Quote of the Day

I have driven the prototype of this vehicle. Ours is a four-wheeler, not a car; it’s too soon for any details on price and volumes. Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto tells India Knowledge@Wharton in an interview last week. Rajiv Bajaj has stated before

SRK envisions Bajaj’ 4-wheeled ULC

We scratched our heads when Rajiv Bajaj said "I am repeatedly telling you that we are developing a four-wheeler (ultra low-cost car) and not a car. There is a lot of difference between a four-wheeler and a car. The four-wheeler is under development stage

Quote of the Day

If Renault walks away (from Bajaj' ULC), we can still sell our own four-wheeler. We would never develop something for someone else, who has a right to walk away, and we are left holding the baby. How can we possibly justify three years of development

Bajaj unshaken by Nano sales; ULC on track

The Nano sales numbers has sounded a siren and companies have second thoughts of entering this segment. But one man is still going strong – Rajiv Bajaj Managing Director, Bajaj Auto. Instead of going back to the drawing board or backing off a little,

Quote of the Day

It doesn't make sense to sell just 20,000 cars, when we will sell 4 million two-wheelers this year. Unless you sell 2 lakh a year of the small car, you don't break even. Speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit,

Quote of the Day

There has been considerable development on the four-wheeler so far. Last month, Renault executives were here, and we have shared all the work with them, be it styling, prototyping and testing. In fact, we have heard from them, after they went back

Rendering – Renault-Nissan-Bajaj ULC small car

Here is a rendering of what the Renault-Nissan-Bajaj ULC small car could possible look like. Though the car looks very close to the Maruti Suzuki Ritz, the rendering depicts a small hatchback with simple lines carrying Renault's design theme. The