EICMA Live - SYM Maxsym 600 i ABS, Joymax Start & Stop System, HD 2 CBS & 2014 Symphony SR showcased

06/11/2013 - 18:11 | EICMA 2013,   | Shrawan Raja

Taiwan-based SYM is celebrating its 60th anniversary at the EICMA 2013 and has arrived to the show with a host of new models.

2014 SYM Maxsym 600 i ABS

The 2014 Maxsym 600i is a high-end scooter from SYM, which was revealed two years ago. For 2014, it gets a new Bosch ABS system (ABS Bosch 9) which is 50 % smaller than the previously used unit, and is designed to act more effectively in surfaces that offer more challenging grip levels to the system (rough or asphalt type surfaces).

2014 SYM Maxsym 600 i ABS rear three quarters

Being a high-end product, the Maxsym is very stylish and provides the best fit and finish level in the SYM range. Compared to other offerings, the riding position is more relaxed, with the handlebar raised to a higher position.

Starting with the MY2013, the Maxsym 600 brand is split into two variants - touring and sport. The difference between the scooters are defined by their mirrors, balances, handlebars, seat stitching and upholstery, and body graphics.

The overall size and the architecture of the 600i is the same as the Maxsym 400i, and its just the engine size that is expanded from 399cc to 565cc by increasing the bore size and stroke length.

The 600i variants' 565cc engine puts out 45 hp @ 7,000 rpm (11 hp more than the 400i), with a peak torque output of 47 Nm @ 6,500 rpm. The 600i is 19 kg heavier than the 400i.

SYM Joymax Start & Stop System

The Joymax maxiscooter is being showcased featuring a Start-Stop motor. The system improves the scooters fuel efficiency and tailpipe emission credentials. The start-stop function is included into the scooter's existing ECU, and the engine temperature, battery voltage and vehicle speed are parameters that decide if the scooter can be shut off.

SYM Joymax Start and Stop
SYM Joymax Start & Stop System

SYM says the fuel consumption, as an effect, is reduced by 11.1%, or by 3 kmpl in city riding conditions. The CO2 emissions are down by 6% and the total particulate pollutants are reduced by 1g/km.

The Joymax is available in four version, displacing 125 cc to 300 cc, and also equipped with a Bosch ABS system.


From 2014 onwards, the SYM HD 2 scooter will be available with a combined brake system (CBS).

SYM HD 2 CBS front three quarters

The combined braking system, depending on the circumstances, would dispense braking power to both the wheels. The general rule of this allocation is 70% to the front wheel and 30% to the rear wheel. On the HD 2 CBS, the hydraulic circuits are combined to provide more pressure to the front brake, if there is a need.

The SYM HD 2 will be offered in two variants, "Normal" and "Sporty" with displacements of 125cc and 200 cc respectively. The 2014 models get LCD speedometer, new locking system and a newly designed seat which is now positioned at a height of 790 mm.

2014 SYM Symphony SR

The 2014 SYM Symphony SR doesn't sport mechanical changes. For a sportier look, it gets new body graphics, with the inclusion of more contrasting accents on the bodywork.

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