EICMA Live - Continental MK 100 MAB and MiniMAB ABS systems showcased

05/11/2013 - 21:23 | EICMA 2013 | Shrawan Raja

Having developed ABS systems for motorcycles for ten years, Continental has used all its experience to develop a new two-channel ABS system, a first for the motorcycle market, at the EICMA 2013.

Continental MK 100 MAB
Continental MK 100 MAB

Christened MK 100 MAB, Continental claims, that despite a higher capability, the system weighs and measures half its predecessor. The slim design, the company says, would make it apt for application on many different motorcycles. Its production is set to begin in Europe in 2015.

Apart from the ABS functionality, the MK 100 MAB also has RLP, or Rear wheel Lift-off Prevention, which can be tuned for off-road or sport biking. The unit can also be programmed to accept traction control.

Continental has also showcased the MiniMAB that is designed for compact and recreational motorbikes. The series production of the one-channel MiniMAB begins next year, and the ABS control on the front wheel can prevent the driver from falling during panic braking.

Continental MiniMAB One-Channel ABS system at EICMA 2013
Continental MiniMAB One-Channel ABS system

As witnessed at the EICMA, Continental is expanding its lineup, and is developing ABS systems of different kinds, as Europe mandates ABS on all motorcycles from 2016.

Continental MK 100 MAB and MiniMAB - Image Gallery

Continental MK 100 MAB at EICMA 2013 - Press Release

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