Someone Created a Driveable Scale Model of Volvo V70 Using Lego Bricks

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In the ever-evolving automotive realm, a fascinating and unusual creation has emerged – a life-sized replica of a Volvo V70 constructed entirely from over 350,000 Lego bricks. The mastermind behind this extraordinary project is David Gustafsson, a passionate Lego enthusiast hailing from Sweden. Notably, Gustafsson secured a victory in the Lego Masters competition a few years ago, earning him an impressive prize of more than 400,000 Lego pieces.

Volvo V70 Scale Model Lego

Renowned for his prowess in crafting intricate Lego artworks on a smaller scale, Gustafsson embarked on the ambitious endeavor to recreate a full-scale version of his own Volvo V70 using Lego bricks. Although the report acknowledges the inclusion of a metal frame and conventional wheels with tires for the vehicle's foundation, the rest of the model is authentically constructed from Lego components. This encompasses the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and even a functional instrument cluster. Lego bulkheads provide support for the front and rear sections, while operational features such as opening doors and illuminating lights add to the realism of the creation.

Volvo V70 Scale Model Lego Inside

Remarkably, the Lego rendition of the Volvo V70 boasts several functional elements, elevating it beyond a mere static display. A glimpse into David's Instagram showcases power mirrors, adjustable climate control knobs, a movable shifter, and headlights that pivot in tandem with the steering wheel. The inclusion of operational steering is noteworthy, as the vehicle is equipped with an electric motor, essentially transforming it into a drivable electric vehicle (EV).

Volvo V70 Scale Model Lego Interior

According to reports, the life-sized Lego V70 made its public appearance at the Ecar Expo in Gothenburg, where spectators had the opportunity to witness the assembly process. This showcase took place in December, and recent updates from David's Instagram reveal the near-completion of the interior and the finished rear portion of the roof.


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