"R/C hand Sign" lets you control your emotions using remote

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Everyday there are new gadgets to make life easier and here's another one that makes expressing your emotions a breeze, when you are behind the wheel.

So, have you got bored of your simple looking car and need something interesting and exciting which you will like and also other road users! If yes, then read further-

With this gadget you can create different shapes of a hand on the rear windshield of your car using electroluminescent technology and it is combined with animation with just a push of a button.
If you get struck in heavy traffic then this gadget will amuse and entertain the others without doubt.

This R/C hand has popular hand signs such as -  I love you, Hang Loose, Devil Horns, The Bird, Loser, Power and Peace gestures and yes, it also includes the middle finger if you want to deal with those drunken drivers! Use of this gadget at night for best and more effective results. Isn't this wacky?

This exciting gadget is 9" tall x 6" wide. You can control your emotions from the driver's seat using a remote. Cursing the auto rickshaw driver who veered into your lane abruptly, without uttering a word or rolling down your window is so simple (we don't recommend it though) with this gadget which comes at $40 (excluding shipping charges).

Source- Perpetual Kid

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