Ratan Tata wins Autocar UK's Outstanding Achievement Award

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Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by the much respected Autocar magazine in the United Kingdom.

The reasons for the magazine to present him with the award was his creation, the Tata Nano, a car that's set to transfigure the way people are going to travel, and the acquisition of the then-financially troubled Land Rover- Jaguar, and devising a new strategy that is clearly going to change the fate Land Rover Jaguar once in for all.

IAB Comment- I've come across a saying that reads "Great Leader don't follow a path, they create paths for other to follow." Ratan Tata's Nano has provoked International manufacturers like Renault and GM, as well as localites like  Bajaj to follow his path to make an ultra-cheap car for the masses. He's proven that cheap can be charming with the Nano.

As for the Land Rover-Jaguar deal, I feel that the face of British Motoring is heading for a revolution. UK has great motoring journalists like Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to boast of, but no successful car brands. Ratan Tata should make cars that people relate to when think of the brand, like for example the stylish and racy Jaguar XF sedan, and not follow what the market demands or what the competition is doing.

Jaguar has had a great relationship with racing, a very rich heritage which arrived at a standstill after the it met with bankruptcy and the companies which took chage over the years have abandoned the racing division for good. I earlier read that Ratan Tata is working on getting Jaguar back on the racing circuits of the acclaimed LeMans racing series, which it dominated in the 60's. Now, that's a good sign. His leadership skills are responsible for what Tata Motors is today after it met with reliability problems with the Indica shortly after its launch. He achieved with the same Indica, what others thought was impossible and reviving the Land Rover-Jaguar image will be a piece of cake for him. All we have to say is "Go Tata, Go!"

Source- Autocar UK

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