Production Ford Escort will sandwich between the Fiesta and Focus

22/04/2013 - 09:22 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

2013 Auto Shanghai debutant Ford Escort concept through its compact dimensions and soft styling language led us to believe that the Blue Oval was previewing a global replacement to the Ford Classic.

Ford Escort concept three quarter view at 2013 Auto ShanghaiFord Escort compact sedan concept at 2013 Auto Shanghai

However that turned out to be a wrong assumption as it emerged that Ford was using the C-Platform to underpin the future car. The Ford Escort concept, bearing the nameplate that Ford used to make its first in-roads into India through a joint venture with Mahindra in the 1990's, will sandwich between the Fiesta and Focus. The C Segment accounts for 25% of car sales in China.

A company source told that prices would start at less that 110,000 yuan (9.6 lakh rupees). The Escort brand returned in Shanghai on Saturday after a 11 year sabbatical. News on the production dates were withheld.

Sections of the Australian auto media aren't happy about Ford Australia, currently facing an uncertain future, not being given credit for making the Escort concept. Ford executives who spoke during the unveiling said the concept was designed and developed in China, for China, a region which doesn't have a full fledged design studio.

Ford hasn't detailed the car's tech specs but said plans to launch 15 new products and 20 powertrains, most of them manufactured locally, are on track for the Chinese market.

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