Official - New Nissan Teana partially revealed in China

13/02/2013 - 09:32 | ,   | Anjan Ravi

It's hardly been a week since we brought you the news and the spy shots of the new Nissan Teana which is expected to go on sale in China shortly.

2014 Nissan Teana Chinese market dashboard

Now, Dongfeng-Nissan (the Nissan JV in China) has released some of the images and the details of the new Teana that will hit the Chinese market in early March.

The new Teana is just a partially refitted and rebadged Nissan Altima that's sold in the U.S. to compete with the Camry, Sonata and the Accord. The Teana is another global Nissan model, following the footsteps of its smaller siblings, Sylphy and Sunny, which are more or less the same car, operating under different names with localized technical configurations.

For the Chinese market, Nissan is keen on getting the design (or redesign) right as they want the car to appeal to the younger audiences as well.

2014 Nissan Teana Chinese market headlamp

The Teana follows Nissan's traditional approach of a plain and minimalistic interior. However, it is reported that Dongfeng-Nissan would consider launching an extended wheelbase version of the Teana sometime in October this year. The increased length of the car will translate to increased legroom at the rear, something the Chinese like a lot in their cars.

2014 Nissan Teana Chinese market interior revealed

Under the hood, the Teana will drop the 3.6-liter V6 engine. As a result, only a 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engines will be available. The Teana will also use the next generation X-Tronic CVT system which comes with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

The Teana's fuel efficiency is rated as 7.3l/100km (13.69km/l) as compared to the older car's 9.5l/100km (10.52km/l). Prices for the Teana start from CNY 190,000 (INR 16.24 lakhs) to CNY 320,000 (INR 27.35 lakhs).

2014 Nissan Teana Chinese market taillamp cluster

However, as we said before, Nissan India will look at bringing the new Teana only after the Sylphy project is finished. Nissan have announced 10 product launches until FY 2016, and its not hard to see why the new Teana wouldn't be in that consignment.

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