Breaking - Nissan Sunny priced at 5.78 lakh rupees

20/09/2011 - 11:01 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Nissan Sunny Mumbai launchThe launch of the Nissan Sunny is rolling as we collate information for this blog post from our Mumbai representative. The prices have been announced. All prices are ex-showroom Delhi.

Nissan Sunny XE - 5.78 lakh rupees

Nissan Sunny XL - 6.88 lakh rupees

Nissan Sunny XV - 7.68 lakh rupees

  • Nissan has sold no less that 16 million units of all Sunny generations around the world
  • Nissan wants to garner 8 percent of the global auto market by 2016
  • It hope that 51 new models (from Nissan and luxury brand Infinity) launched by 2016 will help it get there
  • About 90 new technologies will be seen on its cars by 2016
  • Indian market size will be multiplied by 4, China by 2, but Nissan predicts US growth at 40 percent by 2016
  • Five new models will be built in Chennai in the next few years
  • By the end of 2012, there will be 100 dealers around India
  • Nissan announces 24x7 roadside assistance in 1,500 cities and towns for the Sunny
  • Sunny is 90% localized
  • Nissan has set a target of selling 40,000 units before the end of this financial year

You can read our exhaustive coverage of the Sunny by visiting the Nissan Sunny category page which has presentation slides revealing technical information from the press briefing, brochure, video review and the drive report.

Nissan Sunny Brochure

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