Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class Gets Better Safety & More Agility

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Scheduled for launch in the second-half of 2021, the new-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class adds a whole host of safety and advanced tech to an already fully-loaded package. In a new release, Mercedes-Benz reveals that the 2021 Mercedes S-Class will get active suspension-based safety features, rear-axle steering, world’s first front-placed airbags for rear passenger, a centre airbag for the middle passenger in the rear seat and a hydropneumatic semi-supporting system to the air suspension.

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Starting with the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class’ E-Active Body control system, the additions in the new-generation involve making it safer and more comfortable. For starters, the air suspension is what bears the vehicle’s load and regulates suspension travel. However, now you also get a hydraulic fluid-based damping device which is connected to a 48-volt intelligent motor. These help in ironing out any sudden and heavy shocks over potholes or bad road services by always having the right pressure within the system for a smooth ride. The E-Active body control now also features on Mercedes’ Pre-Safe Impulse safety system. Apart from airbags in the seat backrests which help move passengers away from the danger zone in the event of a side impact, the air suspension also raises the height of the car in order to divert that hit to a safer area. Speaking about safety, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class also gets added airbags for passengers in the rear bench. FOr the outer passengers, Mercedes-Benz will now equip the S-Class with the world’s first front-impact airbags which help deploy with the help of sensor and air valves within the front seat. In addition to this, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class will also get a centre airbag which deploys in between the driver and front-passenger seat, shielding the passenger in the middle seat of the rear row. Coming to mechanicals, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will not feature rear-axle steering - with customers getting a choice of an up to 10-degree variant and up to 4.5-degree variant. The system operates a belt-driven spindle operated via an electronic motor. The system moves in a counter-direction at speeds below 60kmph, in order to help with agility and tighter turning circles. However, the rear axle moves in the same direction as the front wheels for better stability at higher speeds.

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Apart from these major innovations, the new S-Class also features improved sensors for the car’s parking guidance systems and blind-spot warning system. Here is a list of the features and engine options you will get with the new-gen S-Class. Talking about its launch, we expect the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class to hit showroom floors by Q3 2021.

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