New CEO for Tata Motors - wants 100 days

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Carl-Peter Forster - Group CEO, Tata Motors

Tata Motors has appointed Mr. Carl-Peter Forster as new CEO of the group. Mr. Forster will be in charge of overall Tata Motors operations including Jaguar and Land Rover. Mr. Forster was the former head of GM Europe operations. On behalf of IAB, we would like to congratulate Mr. Forster on his appointment.

A tough job lay ahead for Mr. Forster, but he could not have come at a better time. The economy is recovering, money is back in the market, Tata Motors domestic sales in January was great considering competition and prior months. Well it could be the January effect (new year sales etc), but certainly a good month for Tata Motors.

Addressing the reporters, Mr. Forster said -

I am enthused by having this opportunity to work for an Indian company with such high business ethics

People normally get 100 days, plus or minus. Give me that time and we'll meet again

Let us hope that he gets right to business. The problems that he is expected to have at Jaguar and Land Rover would be related to financing and labour. We do not want to comment on that. What we would like to see him get right is the quality levels on Tata cars. No doubts that Tata cars have had a quantum leap with Indica Vista and Indigo Manza in terms of product design and sales. The nagging problems with quality and refinement still exist. Plastics, brakes, rubber lining, panel gaps are some of the aspects that still are unaddressed. The cars are getting good, but certainly not better. The package needs to be right.

To cite an example, how can you offer leaf springs on the Sumo Grande? Put in an independent suspension for the rear and pack ABS in and you will have a product that can sell. It is a 2 tonne SUV, and still does not have ABS, whereas the Indica Vista has an ABS variant.How can you get this wrong?

Source - Economic Times

Image Courtesy - Motor Trend

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