Neatest Honda Civic-to-Lamborghini Modification Ever?

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The Civic moniker is almost synonymous with Honda as it was an instrumental model that pulled Honda out of bankruptcy in the 70s. Perhaps the most popular version of the Civic is the 8th-gen model that's widely loved by enthusiasts the world over for its sleek design and fun-to-drive nature, particularly in its manual guise. The Honda Civic is also a very popular vehicle with aftermarket modifications and customizations. While we have come across many tastefully modified examples before, here is a modified Honda Civic that looks quite the part.

Modified Honda Civic Front Quarter
This 8th-gen Honda Civic from Pakistan has been modified to look like a Lamborghini.

This Honda Civic hails from Pakistan and the mod job clearly draws its inspiration from a Lamborghini. The front end of this Civic has been modified with a huge gaping bumper with large air intakes that seem to mimic the ones on a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. The chiseled nose looks particularly striking when viewed in profile, more so like a Lamborghini. The bumper also features front skirts that give it an even more hunkered-down look. Interestingly, the headlamps have been left as stock, although we think a pair of LED DRLs would have really helped the look of this car.

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In profile, this modified Civic features flared arches over both the front and rear wheels and the side skirts further add to its sporty persona. The stock wheels have been swapped for a set of blacked-out multi-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. At the rear, this modified Civic features a well-sculpted bumper with a large diffuser element. Just like the front, the taillights continue to be stock units. Again, a spoiler mounted on the boot would have really upped the look of the car, particularly when it's trying to look like a Lamborghini.

Modified Honda Civic Rear Quarter
The flared arches, the huge gaping bumper, and diffuser elements give this Civic a very sporty appeal.

The 8th-gen Honda Civic was introduced in 2006 in Pakistan and was available till the end of 2012. This particular modified example does not seem to feature any performance upgrades. In Pakistan, the 8th-gen Honda Civic was offered with a 1.8L inline 4-cylinder i-VTEC petrol engine, the same that was offered with the 8th-gen Civic in India. It was offered with both a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic gearbox. In India, the 8th-gen Civic was also offered with a 1.3-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine paired to an electric motor. And how the acceleration has changed from generation to generation can be viewed "here".

Interestingly, while Pakistan went on to have the 9th-generation of the Civic from 2013, Honda entirely skipped the 9th-gen model for India, until we finally got the 10th-gen model in 2018. More recently, Honda even discontinued to 10th-gen of the Civic in India due to low sales. This was brought about by dwindling sales in the sedan segment and steep pricing of the Civic in India on account of it being a CKD. That said, the Honda Civic remains a benchmark in handling and driving pleasure all over the world.

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