Man Drives Tesla Cybertruck While Using Apple Vision Pro VR Headset

07/02/2024 - 21:49 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

A video has gone viral on social media that shows a man driving a Tesla Cybertruck while using the Apple Vision Pro VR headset.

Tesla Cybertruck Apple Vision Pro Driver

We can clearly see in the footage that the driver of the gigantic and heavy EV is totally consumed in using the Apple Vision Pro considering his both hands are not on the steering wheel rather they are busy making gestures to use the latest VR headset from Apple.

While the Apple Vision Pro has a "transparent mode" which projects the surroundings in front of you using multiple cameras and sensors in real-time, still, driving a vehicle while using them is indeed a distraction and could have dangerous and serious consequences.

Tesla Cybertruck Drifting In Snow

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has shared his views on this incident as this is not something that you should do. He writes, "Reminder—ALL advanced driver assistance systems available today require the human driver to be in control and fully engaged in the driving task at all times."

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