Mahle Launches E-HEALTH Charge: A Breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Battery Diagnostics

14/05/2024 - 15:59 | Electric vehicles,  ,   | IAB Team

Mahle Aftermarket has brought a game-changing solution, E-HEALTH Charge, to the European market, revolutionizing the way electric vehicle (EV) batteries are diagnosed. This innovative system provides comprehensive reports on the health and performance of high-voltage EV batteries in a matter of minutes, making it the fastest static battery diagnostic technology available.

Mahle Aftermarket E Health Charge

Comprising the E-CHARGE 20 battery charger and the E-HEALTH app, this diagnostic system streamlines the process of charging and battery diagnostics into one efficient workflow. What's more, it works seamlessly across all makes and models, eliminating the need for prior technical knowledge from service teams.

Developed by Mahle's service and spare parts division, E-HEALTH Charge offers inspection agencies, fleet operators, and workshops unprecedented transparency in assessing battery quality and vehicle value. The system addresses a critical aspect of EV maintenance – the high-voltage battery's life expectancy, historically challenging to evaluate due to various external factors. Now, with E-HEALTH Charge, this vital information is easily accessible to everyone.

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A key component of the E-HEALTH Charge system is the E-CHARGE 20 battery charging device, capable of delivering 20 kW of power. Beyond its diagnostic capabilities, this device serves as a fully functional charger for EVs. Already deployed in Italy, Portugal, Serbia, and Poland, it is soon to be introduced in Germany and the Netherlands.

Thanks to E-HEALTH Charge, mechanics can swiftly assess the health of high-voltage batteries with minimal effort, even while the vehicle is stationary. During the diagnostic process, the battery is simultaneously charged, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Mahle Aftermarket E Health Charge Vci

To analyze the data collected from the charging device and the vehicle's OBD-Port, Mahle collaborates with volytica diagnostics. The battery specialist uploads the data to a secure cloud, where it is compared against values from batteries of the same type and the original capacity of the vehicle model. The comprehensive report is then delivered via email, providing invaluable insights into the battery's condition.

With Mahle's E-HEALTH Charge, electric vehicle owners and service providers can now diagnose and maintain high-voltage batteries more efficiently than ever before, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of EVs.

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