Here Is Why 22-inchers on New Mahindra Thar Are a BAD IDEA

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After-market alloy wheels are in the trend and the owners of cars like the new Mahindra Thar are often upgrading their stock wheels to a bigger and wider size. While a larger set of rims and tyres definitely look extremely attractive and complement the overall design of the cars, it is often advised not to go overboard with these upgrades as they may end up causing significant damage to your vehicle. If you are also considering buying 22-inch alloy wheels for the new Mahindra Thar, here are the top few reasons that you should think again about your decision.

1. Compromised Ride Quality

The tyre profile plays an extremely important role in determining the overall ride quality of the vehicle as the sidewalls absorb a significant amount of shock and jerk. Shifting to larger alloy wheel size and low-profile tyres will affect the ride quality of the vehicle making it not so comfortable on bad roads. Moreover, high-speed stability may also get affected due to this.

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2. Suspension Setup

Large alloy wheels and larger tyres cause more stress to the suspension components, thus damaging them during normal usage. In addition to this, these wheels may also cause significant damage to critical components of the suspension setup such as linkage arms and dampers due to their heavyweight and large dimensions. While upgrading the alloy wheels, it is generally advised that we should not make extreme changes to the dimensions of the tyre. Do note that the company warranty gets void as soon as you switch to aftermarket alloy wheels or bigger tyres that do not match the OEM specifications.

3. Affected Driving Dynamics

The stock mechanical components of the vehicle are developed to work efficiently and effectively with OEM specifications. If you decide to go ahead with your purchase of Mahindra Thar 22-inch alloy wheels, you may notice a change in the driving dynamics of the car. In addition to stiffer ride quality, the vehicle may also tend to become a little too bouncy, hence disturbing the high-speed stability of the vehicle while travelling on the highways.

mahindra thar 22-inch alloy wheels

4. Poor Off-Road Capabilities

These large wheels are not so great off the road and may get damaged easily. Low-profile tyres are usually meant for on-road performance and struggle in mud, snow, and gravel. The Mahindra Thar 22-inch alloy wheels may look great with the vehicle but will be extremely difficult to maintain in the longer run. These wheels affect the ride quality of the vehicle which further decreases the off-roading capabilities of the car.

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5. Poor Practicality

These 22-inch alloy wheels may not be too practical for usage in Indian conditions. For starters, the low-profile of the tyre makes them prone to get damaged on bad roads while the alloy wheels too get damaged. Furthermore, we would advise you to be extremely comfortable while buying after-market alloy wheels as these may not be best in terms of quality. Having said that, what do you think about these wheels? Do let us know in the comments box below.

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