Lamborghini and Italian Revenue Agency: Fiscal Transparency

19/12/2023 - 09:31 | Lamborghini,   | IAB Team

Automobili Lamborghini has been admitted by the Italian Revenue Agency to the cooperative compliance program introduced by Legislative Decree 128/2015, starting from tax year 2022. The application process, which began in May 2022, was successfully concluded.

Lamborghini Hq Outside

The agreement allows for preventive tax risk management through fast-track resolution of tax disputes, in a relationship of full trust and cooperation between taxpayers and the tax authority. Thanks to cooperative compliance established between the parties, tax audits are implemented in advance and on an ongoing basis, thus eliminating the need for litigation by aiming to increase the level of certainty on relevant tax issues.

Admission to the cooperative compliance program responds not only to the growing stakeholder interest in the company’s behavior in terms of fiscal policies, but also aims to strengthen ESG criteria, in particular the pillar of governance, through greater accuracy and transparency of financial processes.

Lamborghini Hq

Paolo Poma, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of Lamborghini commented: “Cooperative compliance is the natural continuation of the collaborative and transparent relationship Lamborghini has always had with the government institutions, which has produced tangible results over the years in the important development of the company, to the benefit of all its stakeholders. The program falls entirely within the integrity and compliance model adopted by the VW Group and achieves the sustainability goals set by Lamborghini.”

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