Jaguar and Land Rover- Looking for Indian dealerships

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Land Rover Freelander India

Tata motors, which recently acquired Jaguar and Land Rover, is now helping the brands to set up their dealerships in the Indian market.

Our sales and marketing department has helped facilitate a visit by the senior people (from Jaguar and Land Rover). They have come, they have seen and they are putting some plan in action." Said Mr. Ravi Kant, Managing Director Tata motors.

Tata Motors is now exploring the domestic market in India after the success of Land Rover in Chinese and Russian market. The move also comes at a time when the Tatas are trying to refinance a $3 billion bridge loan used for the takeover, leading to downgrades by credit ratings agencies.

"Land Rover - Success in Chinese and Russian markets"

"In the current situation, I would prompt them to be (in India) sooner than later because they would like to find one more avenue to sell more," Mr.Kant said.

He also suggested that Tata Motors also facilitate other opportunities for its new subsidiary, particularly Land Rover, in areas such as defence. Tata Motors is already a significant supplier to India's defence industry.

However, he said that while Tata Motors faced "cyclical pressures" similar to other producers, it was on track to bounce back. The group was spending $4-5 billion to revamp its range, a move he said was essential to reviving sales.

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