IAB Exclusive - Red Bull Speed Link Coverage; Video, 165 Images from Engine fire up

10/10/2009 - 18:57 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Red Bull F1 Speed Link that’s happening tomorrow at the Bandra-Worli Sea Link got underway today as Red Bull technicians brought the F1 car's engine to life.

The RB F1 team have been working over the past few days to get the car assembled in Mumbai. Except the tires, everything else was successfully bolted on to the car.

The action began today when RB racing driver David Coulthard arrived at the scene after which the team manager Tony Burrows gave a thumbs up which meant the car could be started. Well it was eye candy seeing the routine the team went through to start the car, it lasted only for two minutes and the car was revving switching on the adrenaline pump -- the whole place came alive and went berserk when the car was revved hard.

Trust me, you would not have heard anything like it before - what a sensation it is to hear a F1 Car revving on Indian soil. Awesome is not the word here, its something to be heard by every F1 fan. The high frequency note of the V10 3,000cc engine can't be explained in words.

David Coulthard then answered a few questions thrown in by the media and even dodged a few which he didn’t want to answer. When asked by a lady if he had tasted Indian food and how he liked the local women. He humorously replied that he had indeed tasted Indian women and liked the food too bringing the crowd to splits.

A few facts of the RB F1 Car disclosed to us by the team manager -

Weight of the car – 550kgs

Year - This was the one driven by Coulthard a couple of years ago

Engine – Cosworth Racing TJ 2006 Series 14

Cylinders - 10

No of Valves – 40

Max engine speed – 16,700rpm

Max power output of the car – Not disclosed, estimated around 700hp

Tyres – Have to be returned to Bridgestone after their 70km road life.

Team Members involved in this exercise – Eight including the driver David Coulthard

Wheels – Avus Racing front 12.7 inches X13inches; Rear 13.7inches X 13inches.

Transmission – Seven speed gearbox .

Suspension – cast titanium uprights with carbon wishbones and pushrods with anti roll bars and koni dampers

Brakes – AP Calipers Hitco carbon discs and pads.

Tomorrow afternoon, David Coulthard will drive this F1 car in the Bandra-Worli sea link and entertain the huge crowds gathered to get a slice of the action. Donuts and wheelspins are expected. What we want is to hear hear the engine scream at 16,700rpm.

Red Bull Speed Link Image Slideshow

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