IAB Advise - 6 points to remember while piloting your ride

13/05/2009 - 17:34 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Listed here are six important points you ought to remember while driving your car on city roads or rural areas. Listening to your favorite music tracks over the mp3 player is fine, but letting your mind slip into dreamland is suicidal. Remember that road safety stands in front of everything else.

Ambulance vans and Fire Brigades are not drag race contestants.

There might be someone in that ambulance who needs help desperately. To him, a minute's time is vital. Move out of the way if you see the Ambulance with its sirens on in your wing mirrors.

To prevent troubling additional ambulances, use your indicators and move cautiously to the side of the road without harming other motorists. Pull out of the way safely and accelerate back to normal speed once you are clear of the van. The same goes for fire brigades as well.

High beam usage is at times dangerous.

Why use high beam in the city roads at night? How irritated are you when someone in the opposite lane comes flashing with bright light? This is the exact same thing other drivers go through if you switch into high beam. Use it wisely.

Overtaking on two-lane roads is a different ball game

Overtaking maneuvers in narrow lanes is the last thing I want to do in my car. If it is an empty stretch of road, I use my horn and flasher once and go for it. But if it is a busy patch, it needs a more careful approach. Don't try and play chicken and end up as flesh. You drive sensibly and go home.

Obey rules and laws to be our hero

Common sense is the catch word for this topic. The traffic signs are put in place to keep you safe on the roads. If you don't know what they are, ask the traffic police about it. Once an accident is caused, things cannot be reversed. Advise friends and family to take traffic lights and signs seriously. This is the best possible way forward.

Talking over the phone while driving is a lump's act and highly uncool

How many times have you read this? Using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous. You might look cool with your brand new pda or blackberry behind the steering wheel, but again, it's disobeying the rules. Magnitude of punishments and penalties differ across the globe, some are very serious. If you do receive a phone call and cannot avoid it, pull over safely away from the road and answer to the phone.

We've not touched all the points, so if you have an advise or two of your own, why not share it with us? Sushil, Edward, Fasi, Riqwan, Dean and Kiran- we're waiting for your comments!

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