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The Hyundai Creta is the undisputed king of the compact SUV segment. Expert reviews aside, the final word on how good a car really is comes from the customer and its performance on the sales charts. The Hyundai Creta has been leading the compact SUV sales charts for several months in a row and there are plenty of good reasons for that. So let's hear it from the mouth of the owners themselves of how good their experience has been of owning the Creta. Here's an ownership review of the Hyundai Creta SX model in petrol-manual configuration, owned by Mr. Rahul, who has had it for nearly 10 months now.

When asked about what he loves most about his Hyundai Creta, Mr. Rahul seems wowed by the panoramic sunroof of his vehicle. In fact, he repeatedly kept mentioning the panoramic sunroof throughout the video. He is also really impressed by the refinement of the 1.5L petrol engine and the stopping power of the brakes, thanks to discs at all four corners. He also pointed out a particular instance where he had to emergency brake and the Creta stopped even before where it he expected or needed it to stop. Mr. Rahul also notes that the steering is light and easy to use and yet, does not feel dead or completely devoid of feedback.

Hyundai Creta Ownership Review
Mr. Rahul has had the Hyundai Creta in SX petrol-manual configuration for nearly a year and has driven it for about 10,000 km.

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When driving the Creta on the highway, Mr. Rahul has noted that the cabin feels silent and plush, even at speeds of 100-120kph. This again goes back to the refinement of the petrol engine. There isn't much tyre noise either. In typical Hyundai fashion, he also notes that both the gearbox and clutch are smooth, light and easy to operate. A long equipment list has always been a huge draw for the Creta and this being a higher-spec SX model, it comes loaded with features, something that Mr. Rahul really loves about his Creta. Even the second row is very practical with lots of headroom, legroom and shoulder room.

2020 Hyundai Creta Images Action Shot Front Three
The biggest positives about the Creta according to him are the refined petrol engine, very good brakes, silent cabin and the panoramic sunroof.

The Hyundai Creta always inevitably ends up being compared with the Kia Seltos. In that regard, Mr. Rahul says that he chose the Creta over the Seltos simply given the brand value and network of Hyundai in India. Hyundai is certainly a lot more accessible to customers in rural areas than Kia. thanks to a much wider dealership and service network. No wonder they are the second-largest automaker in India. Mr. Rahul also points out that the Creta has slightly better ride quality than the Seltos, which is a little stiffly sprung. While that gives the Kia better highway stability, the Creta rides far better on broken rural roads. The Creta also has the upper hand over the Seltos in terms of features.

Of course, every car has some negatives, but Mr. Rahul loves his Creta so much he can't seem to point out any major complains he has with his car. The only niggle he has with the Creta is with the positioning of the headlamps, which perhaps does not give him optimum visibility at night. He also wishes the SX trim came fitted with JBL-branded sound system that comes on the higher SX(O) trim. That said, he also seems to have had a fairly good experience with the after sales services provided by Hyundai, although he did face some issues with availability of essential parts during the second free servicing of the vehicle. Overall, seeing how satisfied Mr. Rahul is with the ownership of the Hyundai Creta, we have no questions as to why the Creta is a leader in the sales charts.

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