Hydrofoiling Candela C-8 Electric Speedboat Now Comes in T-Top Edition

27/10/2022 - 11:22 | Industry News | IAB Team

The hydrofoiling Candela C-8 electric speedboat is now available in a new T-Top edition for fast zero-emission journeys in sunnier waters. It will make its US debut at CES on January 5th 2023.

Candela C 8 Electric Speedboat

The Candela C-8 T-TOP version features a carbon fiber sunroof that provides ample shade for the eight passengers and new features that make C-8 the ideal place to spend a long, sun-drenched day on the water.

The T-Top is, just like the boat itself, made entirely out of carbon fiber and weighs only 100 pounds, but is sturdy enough to carry several water toys – two SUP:s, a kayak, and plenty of fishing rods. Or why not water skis, as the wake-less C-8 is the ideal craft for perfecting those beautiful big spray turns.

The T-Top also has mounts for extra equipment, like radar, searchlights, or a VHF antenna. It will also be fitted with interior downlights, with the possibility to have a red night light that preserves the crew’s night vision – handy when returning home after a late dinner.

Thanks to the innovative use of computer-guided hydrofoils, the Candela C-8 T-TOP has twice the range of any other electric speedboat. Powered by its highly efficient Candela C-POD motor, it can cruise for 2.5 hours at 22 knots.

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