Humble Maruti Baleno Sedan Modified To Ford Mustang Lookalike - Cool Or Not?

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Maruti Suzuki introduced the Baleno sedan in the Indian market in the year 1999 and the car was pitted against rivals like Honda City and the Mitsubishi Lancer. While the car failed to deliver big numbers in terms of sales, the hardcore driving enthusiasts did appreciate the car as it was not just a good handler, but was also powered by a refined, smooth and highly tunable 1.6-L petrol engine. In fact, for this very reason, the Baleno was a very popular and competent car in motorsport events back in the day, particularly in rallies.

Baleno To Mustang
Here's a crazy modification where a Maruti Baleno sedan has been made to look like a Ford Mustang. Well, sort of.

While tuning the engine and upgrading performance parts on the old Baleno sedan is a pretty standard affair, here we have an example of a Baleno that has been completely transformed into a Ford Mustang look-alike. Well, sort of. This Maruti Baleno sedan was stripped down to its bare chassis and then fitted with Ford Mustang-like body panels. Well, it only partially resembles a Mustang as the design is very far from the original and looks like a cheaply done aftermarket modification. Moreover, certain details are completely inauthentic and make this sedan look quite over the top.

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While this Baleno-to-Mustang transformation hasn't been executed quite well, there are several aftermarket body shops and custom houses that sell completely-built body kits of rare supercars. This video goes on show body kits of cars as exotic as the likes of the Ferrari Enzo, Bugatti Chiron and even the Lamborghini Aventador. These completely-built body kit look a lot more closer to the real ones and just need to painted before fitting on to the chassis of any vehicle that supports it. That said, a lot of aspects about supercars like their size and low slung look simply cannot be imitated by such body kits.

That said, here we have another example of a modified Baleno sedan that has been purposefully built for performance, and very tastefully so. Check out this sole all-wheel-drive Maruti Baleno in the country right now. This Baleno is not just powerful and capable but has also been a winner of a number of races and championships. The car belongs to Jagbir Nirwan and is used for competing in off-road events and rallies. Apart from an all-wheel drive system, this Baleno also features a a functional roll-cage inside the cabin to protect the occupants in case the car turns turtle. It also uses reinforced bumpers, quick-release pins for the bonnet, and a roof scoop that aids in better ventilation.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno 1
The Maruti Suzuki Baleno was a very popular vehicle among enthusiasts for being a good handler and for its powerful and smooth engine.

The interior has been completely stripped of all the extra parts and components to shed weight. A single race seat with a six-point seatbelt can be seen on the driver's side. This all-wheel-drive Maruti Baleno has been worked upon by Dr. Khan. For those wondering, Dr. Khan is one of India's India's most famous tuner and modifiers. Other changes made to the vehicle include the addition of a free-flow exhaust and an upgraded air filter. However, the exact specifications and figures about the power output from this motor are not known.

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