IAB Special Report – Honda Brio taking shape quickly

24/01/2011 - 08:04 | ,  ,  ,   | Shakti Budhiraja

Honda’s landmark Brio small car for India and other emerging markets will debut sooner than expected.

In fact the trial production was supposed to start as soon as 15th January and by April, Honda could have produced some 2,500 cars. Sources tell us that changes in parts and features based on an important consumer survey could have been among the reasons for a slight delay.

Honda Brio green

The Brio should make its debut in July-August with series production beginning by mid June

Honda Brio Prototype Video

Honda recently showcased the near production ready prototype at the Bangkok Motor show. Being just 3.6 m in length Brio looks to set new benchmarks with intelligent space utilization just like its elder sibling Jazz. Honda engineers have been working hard to squeeze out every iota of space while maintaining compact outer dimensions.

Honda Brio engine

A rev-happy engine as in the case of any Honda will sit under the Brio's bonnet. Initially the car will debut with Jazz’s 1.2-liter motor and later followed by a more affordable 3 cylinder 1.0-liter motor lacking i-VTEC technology. With 1.2-liter already setting new the benchmark of being the most powerful engine in its class, the engine serving on the Brio will be tuned for higher fuel economy.

Things IAB would love to see in Honda Brio

  • Make it VFM, Honda has witnessed with Jazz that a badge alone won’t justify the hefty price
  • Load it with goodies, Honda is known to starve cars of goodies and later offer them charging an additional cost

Along with the tank like Honda reliability, a fuel efficient and fun to drive Honda would kick off aspirations among small car buyers.

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