Forget DC Ambirod, Here's The Best Take On Hindustan Ambassador EVER!

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The Hindustan Ambassador is one of the most iconic cars of the Indian automotive scene. It is also one of those cars which has had the longest runs in the Indian market, spanning more than half a century. It is quite a classic and we still continue to have many examples of well maintained/restored Ambassadors all across the country. That said, have you ever wondered how a modern iteration of the Ambassador could look like if HM were to ever revive the nameplate for 2021?

Hindustan Ambassador Modern Rendering Front Quarte
Here's a modern interpretation of the Hindustan Ambassador as imagined by Anmol Satpute, a graduate from MITID in 2020.

Here's a fantastic interpretation of what a modern iteration of the Ambassador could look like, as imagined by Anmol Satpute as part of an internship project for Tugbotz Design. At first glance, this vehicle looks nowhere close to the original Ambassador, but look closer and you will find several design elements that hark back to the original. That said, it does look like a completely all-new vehicle and some may even find the overall silhouette having a striking resemblance to Aston Martin Lagonda models. The designer says the idea was not to revive the Indian legend, but re-interpret it in today's modern context. It takes inspiration from the original to "completely elevate the proportions and communicate it's aristocratic nature, purposeful demeanor, an unparalleled sense of security and a cocooned feeling for it's occupants."

Hindustan Ambassador Modern Rendering Side Profile
Some may find the overall silhouette having a striking resemblance to Aston Martin Lagonda models.

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The most obvious and distinct reference to the original Ambassador are certainly the pronounced haunches over the rear wheel arches. The smooth, flowing curves look achingly beautiful in this modern interpretation. However, compared to the original Ambassador that featured a swooping-down tail gate, its modern iteration features a distinct rear deck with a stubby, drop down boot with 'Ambassador' written big and bold across the boot lid. The vertically-stacked tail lights are obviously LED light bars. The vehicle even features a diffuser down below. The rear windshield also has a striking resemblance to the original.

Hindustan Ambassador Modern Rendering Front Top An
This is not a revival of the Indian legend, but a re-interpretation of the Ambassador in today's modern context.

Over to the front, one certainly cannot miss the beautifully contoured bonnet scoops with a bulge in the middle, another signature design element of the original Ambassador. In fact, the longer bonnet in this rendering seems to further accentuate that design. Even the grille has a loose resemblance to the original. In this modern iteration, the horizontal slats on the grille have been swapped with a chrome-studded design and it looks gorgeous. It even features new LED rings that beautifully compliment the front design.

Hindustan Ambassador Modern Rendering Rear Quarter
It has, however, been reimagined as an EV, as you can tell by the lack of a tail pipe at the rear.

What's does not have much resemblance to the original are the front fenders, the sharp, wraparound glass section, the various air scoops and vents all around the car and of course the LED headlamps and tail lamps. We, however, admit that the chrome garnishes all around the car and the swooping coupe-like roofline are neat modern day touches. The large deep-dish wheels also look very stylish. This modern interpretation of the Hindustan Ambassador. however, seems to be an electric vehicle, as you can probably tell by the lack of a tail pipe at the rear. But that's almost inevitable with modernization.

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