Guest Post - 5 Practical Tips On Car Customization

21/04/2011 - 08:34 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

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It feels nice to see our cars totally revamped after some inexpensive modifications. But have you guys felt that these mods are not practical?

Maruti Zen Estilo customized

Here I take pleasure in coming up with a few tips that need to be considered while modifying your ride -

1. The first thought that would instantaneously flash in the mind when it comes to modification is adding body kits. Be practical when it comes to adding these kits. What goes wrong here is the simple fact that we only go by visual aesthetics rather than practicality. The more the car is low-lying, the more risky it is to drive on Indian roads. They are easily prone to crash into speed breakers. It’s a very common sight to see cars with broken front and side kits.

2. Spoilers are the best add-ons to create a style statement for your car. But this is another aspect where you need to be careful and cautious as well. Spoilers and body kits are exactly opposite in one aspect. To create stunning looks, the body kits have to be low and spoilers should be high. What happens here is that these high looking spoilers act as an obstacle while reversing your car. If you still insist in going for one, install a reverse-guide camera to make parking a lot easier.

3. Sunroof - Most of us are crazy on adding a sunroof to our car. It’s indeed a great feel to gaze at the stars during night drives through your sunroof. But, all that you need to remember here is ‘Trust Experts’. Just because some local mechanic does it at a much cheaper price, don’t go to him. Cutting the roof disturbs its rigidity. Send your car over to a person who knows what he's doing.

4. Alloys - People prefer changing the stock wheels of our car to alloys. The trick is to go for nothing other than the branded ones. You do find a lot of lookalikes and duplicates in the market.

5. Final word. If you think you have revamped your car and is one of the best in town, then it’s high time for you to install a good security device. I think you guessed why.



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