Geely Yinhe Starship Triumphs at Red Dot Award for Design Concept 2024

09/06/2024 - 13:37 | Car news,   | IAB Team

Geely’s Yinhe Starship, the flagship SUV of cutting-edge technology, has clinched the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2024, a testament to the high-value design and innovation from Geely Design.

Geely Yinhe Starship Front Three Fourth Left

The Red Dot Award is a globally prestigious honor that recognizes exceptional product innovation and aesthetics. This accolade underscores the Yinhe Starship’s unique qualities and its international acclaim for originality and technological advancements.

Geely Auto Group CEO Gan Jiayue, speaking at the Beijing Auto Show, emphasized the brand’s commitment to innovation: "Adhering to originality and innovation is the only way for Chinese auto brands to lead, gain respect, and create value to compete globally."

Geely Yinhe Starship Interior

The Yinhe Starship features an innovative design inspired by natural landscapes, combining elements of Water, Yacht, and Shore within the cabin. The vehicle boasts maximally opening wing doors, AI intelligent seats, and AI flying devices that autonomously navigate outside the cabin, merging interior and exterior spaces seamlessly.

Enhanced with intelligent interaction designs such as AI digital assistants, AI spatial computing, satellite communication, and boundaryless AI intelligent audio, the Galaxy Starship transcends virtual reality, offering users an immersive experience within the vehicle.

Geely Yinhe Starship Exterior

Geely Design is dedicated to pioneering technological advancements with culturally inspired, original designs, aiming to elevate global aesthetics and usher in a new era of smart mobility.

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