Ford Fiesta 1.6S - Initial Impressions

12/09/2009 - 19:05 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 16

Now that we're finished the road test of the new Honda City, we were dying to find out how the Ford Fiesta 1.6 Duratec compares. We managed to get it in our garage for a few days and here's our initial impressions.

How different is it to the normal Fiesta?

To begin with, the Fiesta S is on the Indian roads for some time now and the Diesel TDCI variant is the Fiesta to buy.

But for the true blue petrol head, the right Fiesta is this 1.6 Duratec variant. With a stiffened suspension setup and a powerful 101 PS engine, this one has broader tyres with big alloys to go with it. Adding to the sporty looks, Ford has finished the exterior with a fish tail spoiler and sporty side skirts.

On the inside, surfaces are on the darker side with a touch of aluminium is present on the dash and door handles. The pedals are lifted off a rally car, they are finished in metal and have rubber dots in them. Airbags are standard and the mirrors are power assisted.

How's it compared to the Ikon?

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 6

We can't put a diesel and petrol on par (the 1.6 is aimed at the performance-wanting group/adrenaline junky), but compared to the Ford Ikon TDCI that we tested a while back, the Fiesta feels more luxurious with much better quality plastics, in fact it’s a uses soft plastics your fingers sink into.

As expected, better overall fit and finish, the paint quality is right there among the other cars from this segment.  A.C cooling is very good as it was in the Ikon, some stuff that we would have liked in here are missing which we would be discussing in the following post.

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 8

To the showroom goer, the Fiesta S is a Fiesta spruced up with a body kit and minor interior changes. What remains to be seen is with the stiffened suspension and wider tires, does the Fiesta transform into a fun and more absorbing drive?

Tune in back later to read more of our latest acquisition. The Ford Fiesta 1.6 S should live up to the S (Sports) badge that it has been given.

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