Ford Fiesta 1.6S - How it drives

12/09/2009 - 19:44 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 19

As mentioned in the initial impression report, this is the sport variant in the Fiesta line-up and you feel it once inside its cabin -  the dash made of Ebony blue and black with a hint of brushed aluminium lend it a sporty touch.

Engine -

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 2

Ford engines sound very different to the Japanese ones (we're hinting at the new Honda City we drove a while ago) and this one is no exception. The sporty character of the moving force under bonnet is felt as you crank the motor and tap the throttle - the engine grunt signals this is no ordinary Fiesta.

The Fiesta S has a very able  engine and gearbox. We managed to touch the 3 figure speeds in 2nd gear!

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 48

An engine that revvs to the 6k mark is a sign of a true performer. Stiffening of the suspension and alterations in the chassis works very well in making the ride at high speeds positive and the new-found handling is totally different to the other Fiestas. Steering is responsive and the feedback is perfect.

Performance -

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 44

In the sub 10 lakh lot, you can't get a better driver's car. Top speed we achieved was 170kmph and the engine though making all that noise, never felt liking giving way. Cornering ability is awesome, body roll is diminutive and the feedback on the steering is 10/10 for the Fiesta S.

In the City -

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 33

Once you've come down the winding roads back into city limits, the perfectly placed paddles and soft clutch make for easy driving.

Suspension is stiffened and the ride is hard, so over bumps in the city, your spine sometimes won't like the extra punishment. Seats are big with ample support available in the right areas, driver's seat is height adjustable.

The gear lever looks drab and we would have liked something smaller and rally-car like. The operation is good, the changing is precise and smooth.

Comfort -

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 56

Rear seat comfort is not sacrificed because this is a sport variant. Apart from the suspension and engine, it is a regular Fiesta from every other angle. The back rest is designed better compared to the Ikon. Individual headrests are absent but the in-built ones do the job very well.

Things we Disliked/Liked

Dislikes -

1. Being a sport variant we expected a all disc brake setup.
2. Retractable mirrors missing.
3. USB port missing.
4. We expected a climate control on this variant, the A.C did work well but a climate control would have added more appeal to the package.
5. We would have liked the Fiesta S to have a short throw gear lever.
6. Steering controls for audio would again have added more appeal.
7. Glove box size a bit small for a car this big.
8. Rear spoiler doesn’t have embedded brake lights.
9. Stiff suspension helps in the sporty character, but gives a hard drive, unacceptible in city at times.
10. Real time mileage meter missing, the display shows the range the car can go with the filled fuel.
11. The turn indicator in the dash is very small and difficult to see in daylight.

Likes -

1. Super responsive engine.
2. A.C chilling
3. Great handling
4. Wheel spin trainer - you want to learn how to perform wheel spins ? drive this car for 10 min and you'll learn!
5. Placement of boot lid opener button convenient on dashboard .
6. Nice soft dashboard plastic.
7. Huge boot, loading, unloading real easy.
8. Audio player with good speakers, even though the USB is missing.
9. Super supportive seats with sporty fabric and design.
10. Overall Rally car feel with enough steam under the hood.

Verdict -

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - 18

The Fiesta S 1.6 shows that Ford is fully capable of making powerful cars for Indians that can go fast not only in a straight line, but raise eyebrows while cornering and taking those hairpins at abnormal speeds. The track-honed 1.6S is meant for the buyers wanting a car that can also be enjoyed on winding roads, sharp corners and sweeping Ss.

If you're the want-more-mileage type, the TDCi variant is the one for you.

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