Ferrari Confirms 2025 Launch For Its First All-Electric Model

01/05/2021 - 12:30 | Ferrari,   | IAB Team

In what could call for echoes of sacrilege accusations, Ferrari has confirmed that its first electric vehicle is set to debut in 2025. In the company’s annual general meeting, CEO John Elkann revealed that this EV would be a masterpiece. Details on the upcoming car are close to none as the company has revealed nothing more than a set timeline.

Ferrari Electric Supercar Launch
Ferrari will jump on to the electric supercar bandwagon with its first offering a few years from now. The famed supercar marque will even return to Le Mans 24 Hours in 2023. (Ferrari SF90 Stredale Image used for representative purposes only)

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This would be the first time that Ferrari is reaching out to a completely electric powertrain. In the past, the Italian auto premiere has rolled out hybrid supercars such as the SF90 Stradale and La Ferrari to name a few. Needless to say, the model that comes out in 2025, will get rid of the roaring engines and will fulfil its duties rather quietly.

As we mentioned before, no more specific details have been shared by Elkann. However, according to the leaked patents that made their way out last year, it was seen that Ferrari has been working on a 4-wheel drive 2-seater. The commercial boss of Ferrari, Enrico Galliera, said that they would bring in new technology and add something new to the market. Elkann stressed the fact that Ferrari is looking for a new CEO to replace Louis Camilleri. Last year he retired from Ferrari for some personal issues. The new CEO will be joining Ferrari with a long-term vision. He will be joining the company at the Capital Markets Day investors event in the year 2022.

But speaking during Ferrari’s annual general meeting, chairman Elkann said the firm plans to unveil the model in 2025. He added: “You can be sure this will be everything you dream the engineers and designers at Maranello can imagine for such a landmark in our history.” Speaking about Ferrari's wider electrification strategy, which includes plug-in hybrid models and a return to the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2023 with a new hypercar, Elkann added: "Our interpretation and application of these technologies both in motorsport and in road cars is a huge opportunity to bring the uniqueness and passion of Ferrari to new generations."

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