Disgust- Chinese Roewe 250 testing mechanicals using a Grande Punto

15/04/2009 - 16:18 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

In India- You see the Fiat Grande Punto testing on the highways of Maharashtra

In China- You see the Fiat Grande Punto testing out some other car's components without authorization and for some reason, with a lot of camouflage.

Are there any rules at all enforced on Chinese car companies? They have their own Smart, Matiz, A-Star, Yaris, Swift and Nano. If that wasn't enough to sail your boat, here's some new menace- A Chinese crap car using another manufacturer's body shell for its testing.

Further, the Roewe 250 has done a poor job at hiding the fact that it's wearing the Grande Punto's clothes. Why camouflage it wasting money, time and tape?

Chinese Roewe 250 is inside a Grande Punto

I am aware that companies which have manufacturing bases near my city like Ford and Hyundai use other brands' cars for study purposes. I have also known cars that have bore another car's engine and gearbox in the same family. But this is the first time I am prone to something as jovial as this.

No, I'm not wasting my time explaining what the Roewe 250 is and from when and where it will arrive. This is a lousy car that deserves none of that.

Source- Eber at Noticias Automotivas

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