Daewoo Matiz- Korea's No.1 car in study conducted by Korean Management Association Consulting

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The tale of the Chevrolet Spark in India

The Daewoo Matiz, now sells as the Chevrolet Spark, has spent an up-and-down life in India. It was initially brought into India to compete against another Korean's small car- the Santro.

Although the Daewoo Matiz didn't do as well as the Hyundai Santro, it's customers were nevertheless happy with its surprising space, cute looks and easy maneuverability. Daewoo shut shop in India, and the Matiz customers were not very pleased.

Much to the surprise of everyone, GM subsequently introduced a revised Spark with a bigger engine and sharper styling and now a few years later, it's their best seller in India.

Chevrolet Spark No.1 in Korea

The tale isn't very different in South Korea, the home of Daewoo. In a study conducted by the Korean Management Association Consulting, the Daewoo Matiz is declared the best car, and it has held that place for eleven consecutive years.

Hee-Jung Yoon, GM Daewoo Mini-Car Brand Manager-

This survey once again proves something our customers already know: that the Matiz is unmatched among mini- and small cars. With our outstanding service and continued focus on quality, we intend to keep the Matiz atop its segment

The Matiz is available with two engines, the 1.0-liter engine that is sold at present in India and a 0.8-liter that was available when Daewoo sold the car. GM India will bring the 800cc variant back in a few month's time.

Source- Auto Evolution

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