Cleaning Products That Have Transformed the Automotive Market

03/07/2024 - 20:12 | Featured | IAB Team

The mechanics and technology of vehicles are constantly seeing innovations to transform the automotive industry. That said, the industry is changing in more ways than one, as the care and maintenance of vehicles are also seeing shifts. Whether you’re a car owner or a professional car cleaner, evolving car cleaning products are making it so much easier to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of vehicles. Discover some of the top cleaning products that are influencing the automotive market below.

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Traffic Film Remover

TFR car cleaner works to remove the more damaging dirt that gathers on a vehicle’s bodywork, including oil, grime, grease, salt, rubber, dust, and other contaminants. These contaminants are otherwise known as “traffic film”, as this is the film that accumulates on your car when driving. TFR is chemically designed to break down grime that gathers on car surfaces, making it more powerful than just any old cleaner. With the help of TFR, you can remove contaminants that could otherwise potentially damage your car’s exterior. Quite simply, TFR is there to help you take pride in your vehicle.

Microfiber Towels

Before the advent of microfiber towels, automotive valets were required to use cotton cloths, which simply didn’t have the intricate structure of microfiber towels. This intricate structure allows them to pick up dust, dirt, and the tiniest of particles effectively. Similarly, their absorbency is unmatched; in fact, they can hold several times their weight in water. This makes them ideal for both wet and dry cleaning tasks. Additionally, microfiber cloths aren’t abrasive, and this means that they’re less likely to scratch paintwork, glass, and interior surfaces. With the help of microfiber cloths, the process of detailing has become much more efficient, resulting in a higher standard of vehicle maintenance.

Clay Bars

When it comes to handling surface contaminants, the power of clay bars is unmatched. Before clay bars entered the scene, it was really tricky to remove the likes of tree sap, industrial fallout, and road tar. In addition to being a difficult task, previous methods of removing these contaminants often led to the paint being damaged. That’s where clay bars came in to provide a malleable synthetic resin compound that glides over the car’s surface to remove contaminants without causing damage to the paint. With the help of clay bars, it has become much easier to achieve a smooth and clean surface, which also makes the waxing process smoother.

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Foam Cannons

Hand washing a car is one of the most time-consuming chores, and it can also be one of the most ineffective ways of removing dirt from a vehicle. It’s for this reason that foam cannons skyrocketed in popularity. These devices attach to pressure washers and have changed the game by providing a thick, clinging foam that encapsulates and lifts dirt from the surface. Since the foam is so dense, it sits on the car’s surface long enough to break down grime and contaminants. Not only does this make for an improved cleaning process, but it also reduces the risk of scratches, as the foam acts as a lubricating layer between the dirt and the car’s paint.

Waterless Washes

Water conservation is crucial in a number of regions, and that’s where waterless car wash products come in to provide eco-friendly formulas that clean and shine vehicles without the need for rinsing. Lubricants and cleaning agents make up waterless washes, meaning they’re capable of encapsulating dirt, which can then be wiped away with a microfiber cloth. As a result, it has become much easier to maintain a clean vehicle without relying on water too much.

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