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In an official video, General Motors explains some facets of the XSDE SMARTECH diesel engine that debuts on the Beat diesel. The 24kmpl Chevrolet Beat diesel will be launched day after tomorrow simultaneously in Mumbai and Delhi. We've brought you details on the model in previous posts but for the benefit of our new readers, here are some details from General Motors in the words of their marketing team -

• Advanced engine design, engineering & packaging.
• Combination of features and engine components package that provides improved performance.
• Significant improvement in NVH characteristics of the engine leading to more comfortable driving experience.
• Smart engine design and technology that provides optimum fuel efficiency in varied driving conditions.
• Higher low end torque delivery for improved driving experience in stop and go traffic conditions.
• Rigorously tested & proven in extreme Indian road and climatic conditions.

India is the first and perhaps the only market where the Beat (known as Spark in Europe and the UK) will be sold with a diesel engine. The turbocharged CRDI 3cyl 1.0L (936 cc to be precise) engine produces produces 57 bhp of power and 150Nm of torque.

The new compact engine will also be the peak torque leader for its displacement in the Indian market (140 Nm @ 1,750 rpm) and low-end peak torque leader for its displacement worldwide at 100 Nm @ 1,250 rpm.

GM Torino and GM India Engineering collaborated to design this engine. It features an iron block, aluminum DOHC cylinder head, lifetime maintenance-free timing chain, centrifugal blowby separator filter for lower oil consumption, low-noise timing gears, a balancer shaft for better NVH and a precisely sized waste-gated turbocharger.

The Beat diesel features an electric power steering which we hear will be adopted on the petrol model as well. The Beat diesel will be offered in the same variants (PS, LS and LT) with the same equipment levels. Can the diesel Beat sit between 4.19-5.19 lakh rupees?

Stay tuned as IAB brings you all the details from ground zero.

Chevrolet Beat diesel XSDE SMARTECH


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